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Your July Arrangement:

The heat of July allows our imagination to roam to long, hazy summer days and family vacations. Many summer trips involve quaint lakeside cottages for equal doses of summer fun and relaxation. In July, we are spotlighting Larkspur and Water Lilies to help conjure a tranquil summer getaway as we continue to stay safe at home. Larkspur is a classic cottage garden staple while Water Lilies adorn calm lake shorelines providing shelter for fish and frogs. Our healing crystals for July include Ruby, Onyx, and Turquoise, which serve as birthstones for those born during this sweltering 7th month.

July Flowers

With its tall stalks and multi-colored blossoms, the lovely Larkspur is a graceful addition to any garden or cut floral arrangement. The feathery horn-shaped foliage clusters – typically lilac, pink and white – resemble the spur of a lark’s claw. While the annual Larkspur date back to the 16th century when they were brought to Britain from Italy, these mildly poisonous flowers also have a history in ancient Greek mythology. When Achilles’ mother requested that her son’s armor be given to Ulysses, the bravest warrior during the Battle of Troy, her son Ajax threw himself on his sword, and small blue Larkspur flowers grew where his blood hit the ground.

First spotted floating along freshwater lagoons of the South American jungles, the beautiful and exotic Water Lily has reportedly been around since the dinosaur era. These vibrant, sturdy aquatic plants have pads that can reach up to three or more feet in length. Growing from the muddy bottoms of lakes, ponds or slow-moving streams, they offer great real estate for water animals to rest on or hide under and provide shade to regulate the water temperature. Water Lilies even produce edible fruit! And its low calorie, nutrient-rich seeds have recently become a popular superfood snack alternative.

July Gems/Crystals

July boasts three traditional crystals to celebrate birthdays this month. All of these dazzling crystals share healing energies of protection, confidence, and strength.

The first is the fiery red Ruby, one of the most treasured gems on earth. Part of the mineral corundum family, rubies are nearly as hard as the diamond and considered by some to be even more precious. Often treated with heat to enhance their vibrant color, rubies were first traded in Asia in 200 B.C. They are symbols of wealth and prosperity and also have ties to love, faith, and passion because of their deep red coloring. Rubies are thought to have an energizing force, emboldening the wearer to try new things and gain self-confidence. Just ask Dorothy, whose ruby red slippers gave her the courage to get back to Kansas!

The Greek word for “claw” or “fingernail,” the Onyx, July’s 2nd birthstone, is fabled to be Venus’ nail parings that fell into the river. The crystal is best known for its black coloring, but can also take on brown, aqua, white and reddish tints. Onyx is a perfect gift to give a loved one during a crisis; the crystal provides strength and stamina, especially in times of stress, confusion, or grief.

Yet another traditional birthstone for July is Turquoise. With its intense hues of blue and green and beautiful oxide webbing, Native Americans frequently use Turquoise in their jewelry. While its strongest healing property is protection, the crystal is believed to bring the wearer good luck, tranquility, and calm.

Variety of Choice

We’re offering a variety of arrangements that feature July’s beautiful featured flowers paired with calming crystals.

Here are a few arrangements you might like:

Stately Art – ‘Phalaenopsis’ orchid, ‘frosted explosion’ grass, larkspur, ‘black lichen’ moss, and lisianthus placed in natural floral wire wrapped tubes and attached to dried branches arranged on a handmade frame (29×40) with satin fabric. Pair with a ruby crystal symbolizing royalty, faith, and confidence.

Sunny Purse – Preserved Hydrangeas, preserved water lilies, preserved starflowers, and preserved fern arranged in a straw-woven flower basket. Pair with yellow topaz symbolizing happiness, joy, and light.

Gracious – ‘Phalaenopsis’ orchids, succulents, dried Latta flower, and spray roses placed in natural floral wire wrapped tubes and attached to bleached natural deco sticks arranged in a tall modern vase. Pair with aqua onyx for happiness, protection, and strength.

Check out all our arrangements featuring Water Lilies and Larkspur by typing them into the search window on the top right of the homepage.

A special note: As we make transitions in life, work and love due to the coronavirus, many of us are experiencing anxiety. Studies have shown that flowers can ease our stress and help our well-being. Sending flowers to relatives and friends offers a way to connect and let them know they’re not alone. If you know someone who could use a little emotional pick-me-upper, send them some flowers and imagine the smile on their face when a beautiful bouquet is delivered to their door.


Modern Aesthetics Floral Design wishes you all a joyous and healthy summer wherever you decide to spend it!

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